Indian Independence Day

India anxiously awaits the celebration of its 75th Independence Day on the 15th of August 2021.

The Indian independence movement began during World War I and was led by Mohandas K. Gandhi, who advocated for a peaceful and nonviolent end to British rule. Independence Day marks the end of British rule in 1947 and the establishment of a free and independent Indian nation.

Notably, the Prime Minister visits the Red Fort monument for a flag-raising ceremony and delivers a televised address that is broadcast nationwide. In fact, Independence Day is marked throughout India with flag-raising ceremonies and singing of the national anthem. Additionally, various cultural programs are made available in the state capitals.

Unfortunately, with the current Covid-19 situation, many restrictions have been imposed to avoid crowding.

Independence Day also marks the anniversary of India’s partition into India and Pakistan which occurred at midnight on August 14-15, 1947.In Pakistan, Independence Day is celebrated on the 14th of August.

Due to the Covid-pandemic here in NSW Australia most of the celebration has been cancelled.

Despite the Pandemic – Radio Chahat and staff, humbly wishes all our listeners a happy Independence Day