About Radio Chahat

Dil Ki Chahat


Radio Chahat was founded by three prominent broadcasters in 2018/ 2019 and the station is located in Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia. It is owned by Chahat Media Group.

Starting Radio Chahat was an ambitious project. After long discussions, many meetings and planning, finally we found a permanent place for our studio and office. Installing the state of the art studio in Western Sydney began and slowly but surely the studio was established with the latest equipment. Having a strong technical team with excellent communication skills, the ability to work tirelessly and continue to work effectively to maintain the smooth functionality of the first Hindi and Punjabi Radio Station in Western Sydney thus the journey began.

Radio Chahat was formed by 3 Broadcasters, Harjit Singh, Sheila Chandar and Sham Kumar in October 2019.

The Chahat Media Group conducted its first test in February 2020. The station was formed out of dissatisfaction with other narrow- casting and many online, mainly Facebook broadcasts. During the planning stages it was discovered that Western Sydney needed a station that would support the increasing number of Indian resident’s settling in the area, therefore the need to provide Hindi and Punjabi speaking radio was developed.

Chahat Media Group developed Radio Chahat with passion which prides itself on quality contents such as Devotional shows, News, Ladies program, Children stories, Talkback – with mixture of new and old Bollywood music in Hindi and Punjabi.

Behind the scene we have several young intelligent members who provide their precious time in managing our website, recording and editing of different shows before loading it on our system.

With todays advanced technology, Radio Chahat has a free app available on iPhone, Smart Phone and Tablet. Radio Chahat, with the slogan – “Dil Ki Chahat” is streaming globally 24/7 on www.radiochahat.com.au

Listeners can also follow and like us on Facebook by simply logging on our website and by following the Facebook icon or by visiting: Radio Chahat Facebook

Radio Chahat was launched on the 13th of April 2020

Due to Covid-19 virus gripping our country as well as the whole world and the restrictions imposed on the nation we couldn’t launch our new Radio Station as planned but we still went on air live on the 13th of April 2020 which was to be our launch day. Two members at a time went in the studio to present live shows.

Therefore we weren’t able to invite our supporters and listeners to visit our brand new station to celebrate the milestone.

Now we have a great team of Presenters with variety of shows.

We have great plans to take our achievements further in the future by providing our audience quality shows, reasonably priced sponsorship, entertainment and plenty more.